Posted by: Sarah | November 24, 2015

Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Steamed Green Beans

These are vaguely lifted from / inspired by  an Italian restaurant Bryan and I like to visit.

Sides together

The potatoes will take about 45 minutes to roast.  But they go together quickly, so at least the prep’s minimal.

Red Potatoes

This is the basic equipment you’ll need.  If you don’t have a baking dish, a cookie sheet is good, too.  Just line it in aluminum foil to prevent the baked on butter mess you’ll have at the end.  And as you can see above, spray that aluminum foil with your olive oil or non-stick cooking spray.

I prefer red potatoes for this, though I suppose any kind will do.  As it’s only the two of us, 5 small gets us enough for dinner and for Bryan to have lunch the next day.  So, depending on your needs, you can adjust the potatoes, butter, garlic, and spice to your servings.  Also, no need to peel with the reds.   And I hate peeling potatoes.  A LOT. 

Cut Red Potatoes

So, cut your potatoes like so.  I’d say those are about 1-2″ pieces.  The smaller the pieces the faster they’ll soften, so keep that in mind.

Red Potatoes in  Pan

Put your potatoes in the baking dish or brownie pan.  (I’m using a Corelle 1.5 qt casserole dish.)   If you’re using a cookie sheet try to get the potatoes in 1 layer so they don’t fall over the side and stink up the oven.

Garlic Cloves

Get your garlic.  Because.

Cubed Garlic Cloves

This time, though, we’re going to quarter it.  (The really big cloves, cut them into 1/3s.)

And now, take that stick of butter and put it and the garlic both in the pan with the potatoes.

Butter with Potatoes

Distribute as evenly as possible.  If you’re doing the cookie sheet method, make the butter a bit smaller in chunks since your potatoes are more spread out.

Entirely optional step:

Parsley Tarragon Rosemary

I like to add one of the above spices to my potatoes.  Tarragon, Parsley, or Rosemary.  This time, I added a tablespoon of rosemary.  I left the leaves whole.   I chose rosemary because of what I’m going to do to the green beans

Your oven will be nice and preheated now.  Put your potatoes in and DO NOT COVER.  You want everything to turn a nice golden brown or a bit darker.  (Your garlic will be darker.)  Set your timer for 20 minutes.  When it goes off, go stir your potatoes.  During that first 20 minutes, you’re free.  There is no other prep to be done.  Do dishes, walk the dog, do laundry, take a nap.  After you’ve stirred the potatoes once, set that timer again for 20 minutes.  Stir. This is when you begin your green bean prep, or any meat prep.

Green Beans:  This is what you’re going to need.

Green Beans

That is my 12″ frying pan.  Yes, I use my non-stick frying pan to steam.  Fight me.  Not shown, because I completely forgot?  EVOO.  Yeah, I threw the beans in the pan and went, “I’m forgetting something… what?”  Oh!  Shit!  So, yeah, 1 tablespoon EVOO + 1/2 cup water.  BUT, getting ahead of myself.  To back up…

sliced garlic

MOAR GARLIC.  This time, slice it thin.  (Don’t forget to cut the ends and any brown parts off.)

Green Beans and Garlic

I used frozen for this.  If you’re using fresh, the cooking time doesn’t actually change, but you’ll need a longer prep time because you need to cut the ends off.  But, this is supposed to be low-maintenance, so use frozen, ok?

As you can see, I’ve also thrown in something else.  Of the three spices I posted above, tarragon goes remarkably well with green beans.  I used 2 teaspoons.  I also threw in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice because we were having pork chops.  If we were having chicken, I’d have thrown in 1/4 cup of white wine instead of the lemon juice.  REAL white wine, not “cooking wine.”   (Don’t ask me why juice vs wine.  It matches on my tongue.)

(Just fyi:  When I say white wine, unless I specify, it won’t matter what type or quality.  I will just never use “cooking wine.” You’re better off using straight vinegar.)

Green Beans cooking

As you can see, the beans are slowly darkening as they steam.  You can turn off the heat and stop it any point once the beans are thawed and soft and warm.  (I would actually stop here, if I were the only vote in my house.  But I’m not.)  While your beans are cooking, stir frequently.  But… go check your potatoes.  They should be soft and able to squish against the side of the pan or with your tongs/spoon by now.  If they are, and they haven’t browned, raise the temp to 450 and go back to your beans and your protein.  Check in 10 minutes.  If they’ve begun to brown, stir and close the oven again.  Go back to your other food.

Steamed Garlic Green Beans Finished

This is the finished product.  The garlic is soft, the water, oil and lemon juice have been boiled away or absorbed almost completely.

Roasted Potates Finished

Forgive the blurriness, please.  But you can see where the edges are browned.  I used a pair of tongs to turn the potatoes while they were in the oven.  I’ve learned they tent to rip the foil less.

Grilled Pork Chops 2

We had grilled pork chops that night.  We don’t have an outside grill at the moment, so I used my George Foreman.


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