Posted by: Sarah | November 6, 2015

Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Final Soup

This is actually my first time making this soup, so I started with a kit.  This is actually how I learn how to make something. (It’s how I taught myself Tortilla Soup.) I take the kit, read the ingredient list for the “spice packet,” look up recipes online that don’t sound ridiculous (seriously, what is with you Northerners putting sugar in spicy things? Especially when they’re… not.) And sorta make it up as I go.

The next time I attempt this, I won’t use training wheels, so to speak.

HEB makes soup kits, like the Tortilla Soup, above.  This time, they made Broccoli & Cheese.  Broccoli Cheese Soup Kit Chicken

And we’re going to add chicken.  Some like ham.  We’re not big ham fans, but you can add what you like.  (My lovely handwriting says “2 chicken breasts.”)

Inside that package is 2 cups of chopped broccoli, a packet of onions and shredded carrots, a spice packet, and two foil packs of cheese sauce.

On the back, you’ll find the recipe.

Broccoli Cheese Soup Kit Chicken

You’re not really going to follow it.  You can, but it’ll be the weakest, lamest, B & C soup you ever tasted.  Stick with me, you’ll have a soup worthy of falling off your diet and hardening your arteries for.

(I started this soup around 1PM.  That was also when I remembered to take out the frozen chicken. The kitchen was a balmy 76 degrees and humid as shit. Fortunately, it thawed enough for our purposes by the time I needed it. Y’all might not want to follow my example and safely thaw yours in the fridge the night before. Mine was safe enough since it was only out for a couple hours, but still…)

So, after a trip to the store, and a stop off at a friend’s house for about an hour to visit, I came home and added one measuring cup of these:

Julienned Carrots

(I don’t care that it says “washed,” always rinse first.)

Also, at the store, I figured since I used skim milk, my soup could use a bit more body before I added the cheese.  So, I grabbed some cream.

Heavy Cream

I added a cup of that when I got back, too.  If I’d had that when I was adding the milk and and broth, I would have added it then.

Now that I’m back from the store, my chicken is pretty much thawed in my insanely warm kitchen. It was still a bit frozen in the middle, but the knife still got through.

Cubed Chicken Breasts

I added it, and turned the Ninja up to high for three hours.  Now that I’ve added all the ingredients, it’s time for the cheese packets.

Cheese Sauce Packets

I cut the ends off both and rolled them like toothpaste tubes to get it all out.  It was roughly the consistency and appearance of Velveeta.  I suppose if I were to make this myself, Velveeta would be a cheese I’d consider if I couldn’t find a good cheese blend that melted just as well.

Broccoli heads

I also added two more heads of broccoli.  When I do this again, I think I’ll leave this last round of broccoli a bit bigger.  I wanted a chunkier soup than I ended up with, but broccoli shreds the more it cooks.  And these were almost as dissolved as the first 3 cups by the time I served it. This is why I waited till I added the cheese sauce to put the last bit of broccoli in.

Assembled and melting cheese

This is what you should now have.

At the store, I also grabbed some cheddar.

Cheddar for Garnish

I grated about a 1/3 of that block in for thickening. And I grated some on top for garnish.

Serving Soup


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