Posted by: Sarah | November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I am thankful for:

1)  I had the guts to chop off my hair.  It’s still taking a great deal of getting used to, but I’m really enjoying the length.  Takes about 15 to blow-dry in the morning.  Even less time to wash and condition.  My formerly long hair had been forcing me into a 30 min shower just to make sure all the shampoo and condition were rinsed out.

2) My husband.  It’s been 10 years since we found each other at Theoryland.  9 since we started dating, and 6 since we got married.  With or without kids, my love, I’ll be happy growing old with you.

3) We have the werewithal to get out of debt. Finally.  (I’m going to ignore the fact that we may have to just fall right back into it if we have to resort to IVF.)  It’ll take patience and hard work, but it is currently doable.  A lot more than it used to be.

4) Our friends.  I grew up with no friends.  I was a high school loner.  Then I moved to Texas and was welcomed with open arms by my cousin Joyce.  She helped me come out of my shell and that eventually led me to join Chi Omega.  Currently, the Wolfking (Hope he likes that designation, or I’ll have to go back to the drawing board) and I are living in a wonderful neighborhood with a lot of other couples around our age and either starting families or trying to.   It’s a lot of fun knowing your neighbors like we know ours.

5) Our extended family.  Mine drives me nuts and drives me to drink, frequently.  But, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  The Wolfking’s familyis going to come down for Turkye Day on Wednesday.  I’m truly grateful for their acceptance of and love for me.

6) My thyroid is finally working again and woke up my pituitary glad.  So, my endocrine system is fully functional, I think.  Might be able to get pregnant without help next year.   Or as least no more help than Clomid.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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