Posted by: Sarah | October 22, 2009

Autumn In Southeast Texas

When I first moved here in 1990, the relief from my allergies was extreme.  My two biggest triggers, ragweed and cottonwood trees couldn’t grow in the Houston area because the conditions weren’t right.  It was generally too wet for ragweed to grow properly and the soil too acidic from all the pine trees and too clay-ey for the cottonwoods.  While the soil hasn’t changed from the clay, somehow, Houston has gotten drier in the last few years and the pine trees have been cut back from recent developments.  The ragweed has invaded in force.

I’d noticed it getting worse as the years went on, more and more fields of that nasty yellow-flowered plant were invading.  And my allergies have gotten MUCH worse.   So, when I used to look forward to autumn in Houston because of the cool, sunny days and the low humidity, I’m now dreading the rest of the season because I can’t breathe normally from the junk this prolific plant sprays into the air in the name of reproduction.



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