Posted by: Sarah | September 29, 2009

Daily Posting Problems

The problem with this blog is that I set a lot of restrictions on myself. And I had to. I don’t want to include work. I want to keep as much of my marriage private as possible. I don’t gossip about my friends and I like to avoid political diatribes. So… I’m left with writing about writing and writing about pop culture and my extended family.

And I don’t like writing about my extended family, either.

And I’m back to the writing about writing. I don’t mind that, but I’ll bet my only two readers would get tired of it. Quickly.

As far as writing goes, as y’all know, I’ve found a good idea for an urban fantasy. The vampires will stay evil, for now, at least. There will be no real love interest right away, at least not for the main character. It takes place in Houston. Because this is the city I know best. Heck, it may even be set in Clear Lake. I did grow up there, after all.

I do have some questions I want to ask my two loyal readers.

Do you enjoy urban fantasy? If so, who’s your favorite author and what’s your favorite book/series? What do you like about it? What makes a good urban fantasy world?


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