Posted by: Sarah | September 21, 2009

Wizards Of The Third Coast

I think that I live with Wizards. Or possibly, I am one myself. Nothing else can explain the extreme run of electronic bad luck we’ve had this month.

First, two weeks ago, the screen to the laptop died. Not the laptop itself. THAT is fine, but the screen. So in order to use it, we have to treat it like a CPU and attach a monitor and a keyboard and mouse. At least until we can afford a new one.

Then, while Tim was out of town, the graphics card in our massive CPU dies. It was a $3000 paperweight for about a week till we found one on sale at Best Buy.

Then, on Friday, we’re getting ready for Nerd Night. There was pizza and beer a plenty. The Lizard was actually in a good mood, as was Tim, and The Queen was drinking a lot of beer to get over wanting to murder her physics professor. Replete with beer and pizza, we settled down for a nice friendly night of Guitar Hero (and listening to The Lizard bitch about Emo Music), when the graphics go all wonky and turn photonegative in spots. Optimistic, we reboot the XBOX 360.

The screen won’t turn on. At all.

Uh oh.

You see, this XBOX360 was the SECOND one we’d bought. We bought our first one back when it first came out. That one had the Dreaded Red Ring Of Death. We’d gotten the replacement policy with Best Buy back then and the thing died two weeks before the policy expired. We got the Halo Edition in exchange, AND bought a new replacement policy. Friday, when the 360 died, we packed it up, found the old receipt and discovered we had one MONTH left on the replacement policy and took it back to Best Buy. They’d apparently not had it returned in a while and were unsure of what to do to compensate us. So, they refunded us the whole amount of the Halo Edition and we got an Elite in exchange.

Now, we just have to replay all the games to get our achievements back.

The Queen is required to stay 50’ away from all electronics.

Also, I hope there’s no more hurricanes in the near future till they fix our power grid beyond the gerry-rigged piece of shite they’re passing it off as.


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