Posted by: Sarah | September 8, 2009

Austin, Texas

I didn’t get to cut off my hair, darnit. But we still went to Austin for Tim’s friend J’s birthday. A two-and-a-half-hour drive took four hours due to some jackasses who had to rubber-neck some guy getting his tire changed on the side of the road on a four-lane highway. It was J’s 30th birthday, so he invited us and all their high school friends over for a party. It wasn’t a wild thing, by any means.

After a rousing game of Battle of the Sexes, which the girls won, naturally, there were tequila and vodka shots. And because my stomach lining has stopped speaking to me long ago, I had one of each. I lost count of the beers, though. Met J’s girlfriend, who is the same age I am, coincidentally. I dunno what it is, but Tim goes and gets an older woman, all his buddies follow suit. (hehe) (PJ’s dating a woman 16 years HIS senior. One-upper. 😉 )

I got along well with both women, so it was good to talk to at least two others who don’t think I’m odd for marrying/dating a man 6 years my junior (or more).

Saturday, we go to PJ’s dojang to watch him teach a class. He’s a black belt in Tukong Musool (sp?), a Korean style of martial arts. Tim and J got to be practice dummies. They spent the rest of the weekend whining about their sore hands. (OK, not really, but it’s funnier that way.) Good news is, they both want to go back to martial arts. Bad news is, while J can drop in on PJ’s classes, Tim cannot. So, gotta find someplace where Tim feels comfortable and that will help him with his leg.

We reluctantly cut our trip short by a day, but only because Tim has to go out of town for training for a week.


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