Posted by: Sarah | September 3, 2009

Going, Going, GONE!

So, I’m going to cut off my hair tomorrow.  It won’t be too short, since I have a tendency to ‘fro (without a LOT more work than I’m willing to put in) when it’s anywhere between a pixie and a bob.  So, it’ll probably end up about mid neck in length.  Right now, it’s down past my shoulder blades.  I can tell from the texture, though, that a shorter cut is necessary ASAP.  My hair is fried from dying it blonde for a few years.  OK, 5 years.  Without a break.

Cutting it short would do two things.  It would get rid of the fried stuff.  It would also allow me to grow out the dye.  I have two reasons for wanting to do that.  It’s apparently bad for a pregnancy to dye your hair during it.  The chemicals can apparently travel through your blood stream and through the placental wall.  I don’t know how accurate this theory is, but I think when I finally do get pregnant, the kid’s going to have enough trouble without my adding challenges to his existence.

Also, I went gray at 25-26.  I am curious as to how far the gray has gone.  It’s also gotten quite dye resistant.  Which is one of the reasons I went blonde.  In the blonde hair, it looks like highlights.  When I’m my normal ash blonde/auburn, it stands out for what it is. Gray.  I do not look old enough to be gray yet.  Tim doesn’t look old enough to have a wife with gray hair yet, either.

I haven’t had short hair in quite some time.  Since Middle School, I think.  It’ll be interesting to care for, that’s for sure.  I’d like to try to find a dye close to my natural color till all the dye grows out, but I haven’t yet found anything remotely  resembling my normal calico hair color.

I’m nervous about cutting off that much, though.  I like my long hair.  I like the weight of it, the way it feels when it touches my arms.  I’ll miss it, until I grow it back out, that is.  My hair does grow quickly.  Almost abnormally so.  But still, it almost feels like I’ll be having a major organ removed.   One that’s a bit rusty and overused, but still a major part of me.  But unlike an organ, my mane will grow back.

Maybe if I keep saying that, I’ll believe it.


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