Posted by: Sarah | August 26, 2009

Me Vs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex

I tried to go to bed early last night, and somewhat succeeded.  I fell into a deep sleep.  At around 2AM, my body decided to reward my efforts at a little more sleep with a heart-pounding nightmare.

It started rather quietly, so quietly, I can’t remember what the opening scene was.  But the parts I remembered clearly were terrifying.

I was with my dad and my dog Missy in an extensive cavern system (have I mentioned caves freak me out, BADLY).  A Tyrannosaurus Rex was chasing us.  Tim was with the rest of my family, defending them from other dinosaurs.  My dad had taken off after something.

Yes, you read that right, a T-Rex in a cave was chasing us.

(And no, I don’t think it’s some sort of allegory for my brother-in-law, considering the nickname I’ve given him.)

My dad must’ve been having a bad day, because in my dream he was barely coherent, grinning madly, and capering.  We ran from cavern to cavern off the main cave (ok, Missy and I ran, he capered), dodging the T-Rex’s giant teeth.   My dad kept trying to go in one certain cavern for something my mother apparently needed.  I kept trying to keep him out of it since the opening was big enough for the T-Rex to reach in there and it was a dead end.

Capering wildly (I swear, in this dream, my father capered, he didn’t walk or run), he entered the cavern and scooped up whatever it was.  I think it was a sweater, not sure why my mother couldn’t live without it, or why my dad insisted he get it for her. Missy was being a useful dog and was keeping an eye out for the T-Rex.   When she started wildly barking and threw herself at me, knocking me over.  The T-Rex managed to grab my dad.  I woke up just before it ate him.

My heart was pounding so badly, I couldn’t go back to sleep right away.

Usually, I can become aware of my nightmares and change them in the middle.  If I’m being chased by Zombies, I get an escape hatch, or a weapon to defeat them.  This nightmare came on so suddenly, I didn’t get a chance to hand myself a surface-to-air missile launcher to defeat this T-Rex.  I really hope these vivid nightmares are a sign my creativity is coming back, and not a sign of my thyroid being screwed up, still.


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