Posted by: Sarah | August 25, 2009

Inspiration vs. Perspiration

Butt glue doesn’t always work.  I would sit down in front of my novel, staring at the cursor, my mind racing.  Not a single good idea would float to the surface.  I’d end up spinning my wheels in filler dialogue that I knew I’d have to condense or extract later on trying to get my mind to give me the next scene.  Nothing.  Sometimes, I’d be rewarded with the urge to revise something that happened earlier, but nothing to finish the last 100 pages or so that I knew I had.  I knew what the fight was going to be, maybe, but not how to get there.

On Saturday, as I got ready to take a shower after cleaning my house, an idea hit me.  Hard.  I’d been mulling the idea of an urban fantasy around in my head for a few years, now, but nothing had gelled at all.  Until, suddenly, the idea hit me for the world in between heartbeats.

Yes, that’s what it felt like.  By the end of my 30 minute shower (hey, it’s Saturday, I shave my legs then), I had the outline for the novel and the background for the world fully formed in my head.

My muse is weird. I’m grateful to him, but he’s weird.


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