Posted by: Sarah | August 24, 2009

G4m3r Gur1

Yes, I do play video games.  I am over 30 and married and play on a MMORPG.

Yes, I know I’m weird.  I don’t really care.

The ones I really loved playing were the two Knights of the Old Republic games, Bioware’s Jade Empire and Mass Effect and Resident Evil 4 & 5.  The MMORPG I play is Guild Wars.

OK, now that I’ve admitted how geeky I am, I’ll explain why.

1)      It’s fun to accessorize your sword with your armor.

2)      You can imagine every last monster and bad guy you kill is your boss or that annoying coworker.

3)      It helps with my writing in that it takes me out of myself for a while.

4)      You don’t have to do anything except make bad guys go “boom.”

5)      A really well written video game is like playing through a novel.

6)      You get to wish your bank account in game was your real life bank account.

7)      It’s something I can do with my husband that doesn’t really cost a lot of money.

8)      It teaches crisis management.  If you’re surrounded by enemies and your monk just went down or you’re out of medpacks, you can still wipe them out, I promise.  Just don’t panic. And don’t screw up.

9)      It teaches time management.  You have ten minutes before your dinner will be burned, do you get involved with the 20-enemy-gang, or just beat up the little one over there?

10)   It teaches persistence.  If you die, get back up and go kill the sucker that made you dead.

There are plenty more reasons, but I think 10 is enough to establish my geekiness at the moment.  I didn’t always like playing video games, other than a rousing game of solitaire or freecell, but thanks to Tim’s influence, I like playing them now.

I also prefer games where I can play a girl and rescue others.  But that’s a different blog.


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