Posted by: Sarah | July 28, 2009

Yet another blog…

I’ve blogged for years, just not here, and not with any consistency. So, why should you read yet another blogger? Why, in the history of blogs, would I be any more unique?

I’m not promising to be unique, or even interesting. After all, that’s all in the eye of the beholder. The purpose of this blog is that I need the writing practice. I need to shorten my prose and tighten up my general sentence structure till it becomes habitual. (I tend to meander.) I need to get back into the practice of writing daily. The daily deadline of a blog should help that, right? I don’t promise to be controversial (unless you’re a Twilight Fan) or attention grabbing or even particularly clever. I am a smart ass, however, and often downright sarcastic.

I will NOT blog about work. That will be staying out of this, unless it’s a rant about gas prices – I work for a small oil company in Houston, Texas.

So…. To answer those burning questions about me y’all are no doubt having:

I am married, but no children as of yet. I’ll probably blog about the whys and wherefores of THAT tomorrow. I do have three dogs: Kira, a black lab, 10 years old, Missy, a border collie mix, 8.5 years old, Arya, a yellow lab, 6 years old. Two cats live with us, Tiger (a Maine coon mix) and Strider (a brown tabby alley cat) both about 7 years old. (I say “live with us,” because who ever really owns a cat?) My husband, Tim, is 6 years younger than me, a total geek and a scientist, and works for the US Government. I REALLY won’t be talking about his job here. Not even his crazy coworkers.

I have two sisters, the requisite number of parents and dozens of cousins. I have a brand-new nephew. (Seriously, he was born on May 19.)

I jog, when my back and the weather allows (it’s 100 degrees today, no way on God’s Green Earth is that going to happen tonight). I garden: we had a bumper crop of Serrano peppers this year. The drought has nearly killed the green beans.

I read A LOT. I play video games and within the last few years, my husband has gotten me involved with Dungeons & Dragons.

Did I mention I was a sorority girl in college?

So, now we come to the title of the blog. I actually took it from a T-Shirt Tim bought me for my birthday. (Yes, I asked for it. I ask for my own presents because how else do you get something you don’t have to return?) My real name, Sarah, means “princess.” My husband calls me, “princess.” I wear lip gloss and earrings and blown out hair to slay imaginary orcs and bugbears. I would totally strap on my stiletto heels to kick the crap out of rogue necromancers. I also open my own jars and stomp on any nearby nasty bugs and spiders myself. Heck, I can even change the oil in our 2003 Ford F-150. (We choose not to, because oil disposal is a pain in the ass.) I don’t sit in a tower and wait for my wonderful husband to rescue me. (Sometimes this gets me into trouble, but that’s another blog post.)

*looks over post* See what I mean? I ramble.



  1. Love it 🙂

  2. Your blog is titled “Self-Rescuing Princess”. You should make your daily blog about obstacles you overcome everyday and are therefore “Self-Rescuing”. Otherwise, you’re just rambling about yourself. Keep in mind, you’re a writer, if you don’t overcome and obstacle today, maybe you could make one up.

  3. As one of my favorite authors you are allowed to ramble on a blog. Never in a book. Of course you know that. How goes the next story????

  4. ooh, shiny!

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