Posted by: Sarah | March 1, 2016

My Lasagna

Lasagna Finished Whole Cut

So, usually, I make this for Christmas and thaw one for Valentine’s Day, but this year we traveled and couldn’t host either a dinner party for friends, or Christmas Dinner for the family.  So, it got made for Valentine’s Day.  Which is, actually our tradition.  Usually, we also invite anyone we know over who’s single or bored, too, or who doesn’t otherwise have plans.  No one qualified for that this year.  At least not here.

And seeing as my sisters have repeatedly demanded I tell them how I make my lasagna…. Guess I’ll have to pass this along to them, too.

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Posted by: Sarah | December 29, 2015

Sort of Irish Chicken and Herb Stew

To be honest, this thing is about as Irish as I am.  Which means, it might be able to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day and not just to avoid getting pinched.

Serving Suggestion

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Posted by: Sarah | December 3, 2015

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Bowl of Soup

This is sorta inspired by several restaurant versions of the same name.  I make no claim to any authenticity.  It’s just one of our fave things I’ve cobbled together when we wanted soup.  (And it began life as one of those soup kits, believe it or not.)

There are several variations, with differing degrees of spiciness.  I made this one mild since we had a dinner guest that night without our love of 5-alarm oral infernos.

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Posted by: Sarah | November 24, 2015

Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Steamed Green Beans

These are vaguely lifted from / inspired by  an Italian restaurant Bryan and I like to visit.

Sides together

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Posted by: Sarah | November 6, 2015

Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Final Soup

This is actually my first time making this soup, so I started with a kit.  This is actually how I learn how to make something. (It’s how I taught myself Tortilla Soup.) I take the kit, read the ingredient list for the “spice packet,” look up recipes online that don’t sound ridiculous (seriously, what is with you Northerners putting sugar in spicy things? Especially when they’re… not.) And sorta make it up as I go.

The next time I attempt this, I won’t use training wheels, so to speak.

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Posted by: Sarah | November 4, 2015


After a long hiatus, I’m going to try to come back to this blog.  It’ll be a home for my writing.  All of it.  Just need to relearn the interface.

~throws confetti~

Posted by: Sarah | November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I am thankful for:

1)  I had the guts to chop off my hair.  It’s still taking a great deal of getting used to, but I’m really enjoying the length.  Takes about 15 to blow-dry in the morning.  Even less time to wash and condition.  My formerly long hair had been forcing me into a 30 min shower just to make sure all the shampoo and condition were rinsed out.

2) My husband.  It’s been 10 years since we found each other at Theoryland.  9 since we started dating, and 6 since we got married.  With or without kids, my love, I’ll be happy growing old with you.

3) We have the werewithal to get out of debt. Finally.  (I’m going to ignore the fact that we may have to just fall right back into it if we have to resort to IVF.)  It’ll take patience and hard work, but it is currently doable.  A lot more than it used to be.

4) Our friends.  I grew up with no friends.  I was a high school loner.  Then I moved to Texas and was welcomed with open arms by my cousin Joyce.  She helped me come out of my shell and that eventually led me to join Chi Omega.  Currently, the Wolfking (Hope he likes that designation, or I’ll have to go back to the drawing board) and I are living in a wonderful neighborhood with a lot of other couples around our age and either starting families or trying to.   It’s a lot of fun knowing your neighbors like we know ours.

5) Our extended family.  Mine drives me nuts and drives me to drink, frequently.  But, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  The Wolfking’s familyis going to come down for Turkye Day on Wednesday.  I’m truly grateful for their acceptance of and love for me.

6) My thyroid is finally working again and woke up my pituitary glad.  So, my endocrine system is fully functional, I think.  Might be able to get pregnant without help next year.   Or as least no more help than Clomid.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Posted by: Sarah | October 22, 2009

Autumn In Southeast Texas

When I first moved here in 1990, the relief from my allergies was extreme.  My two biggest triggers, ragweed and cottonwood trees couldn’t grow in the Houston area because the conditions weren’t right.  It was generally too wet for ragweed to grow properly and the soil too acidic from all the pine trees and too clay-ey for the cottonwoods.  While the soil hasn’t changed from the clay, somehow, Houston has gotten drier in the last few years and the pine trees have been cut back from recent developments.  The ragweed has invaded in force.

I’d noticed it getting worse as the years went on, more and more fields of that nasty yellow-flowered plant were invading.  And my allergies have gotten MUCH worse.   So, when I used to look forward to autumn in Houston because of the cool, sunny days and the low humidity, I’m now dreading the rest of the season because I can’t breathe normally from the junk this prolific plant sprays into the air in the name of reproduction.


Posted by: Sarah | October 9, 2009

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

I’m terrified of having more than one child at once. But yet, in December, if not sooner, I’ll start taking Clomid. I’m not really sure of the stats of multiple births from Clomid, I just know it’s a bit higher than with unassisted conception. And if that doesn’t work, the hormone shots raise the probability of a multiple birth even higher, and if those don’t work… well, IVF is the last step and we’ve all heard of the Octomom.

Thing is, I’m friends with two sets of parents with twins. One was “natural,” for lack of a better term, the other was IVF. Watching those parents with those kids is daunting. None of the four of them seem to have enough hands at any one time to deal with their twins. I don’t denigrate their parenting abilities, far from it. I just watch them and wonder if I could that good a job, or will my kids be the kind on the 6 o’clock news some day?

Age, in this case, has nothing to do with it. Both sets or parents are older than Tim and I. And the twins are the first born. Tim and I are set up for kids, for the most part. We’re trying to have a few less debts to pay simply because day care is going to be so awfully expensive, but we’re old enough and secure enough and we own our own house, which I guess, is more than most couples just starting out.

I’ve also gotten the whole, “Relax, kids will happen,” speech. Nothing pisses me off more. (OK, well, there are lots of things that do, but the list is too long. We’ll just say it’s in the top 20.) Kids won’t happen. Not by themselves. My thyroid went on strike sometime in my 20’s leaving me with endometriosis and a wacked out endocrine system, I also caught every single infection and virus that was around to be caught. My hormones haven’t been right since college. Which means the only thing regulating my cycles was The Pill. And when I went off five years ago so we could start working on kids, the fit hit the shan, hormonally speaking. I’m not yet experiencing anxiety over it. I am trying to come to terms with never having kids, but I’m not freaking out over it. Occasionally, it’ll back up on me, though: for instance, with my nephew, Velociraptor who wasn’t planned at all for my sister. But he’s a precious human being and a little stinker. Sometimes, literally. Or sometimes, in church with all the little kids dressed in their Sunday Best and looking adorable. Sometimes, someone’s story will hit me in just the right spot and I’ll start bawling. But for the most part, it doesn’t affect my daily life. I never wanted to be 50 something for my kid’s high school graduation, but if I keep up my workout routine now, I at least won’t FEEL 50.

Maybe having kids later in life is a good thing. It’s a reminder that I’m going to have to live a lot longer so I can see my grandchildren grow up. It’s a goal to be able to be functional at an older age than my grandparents were. As long as my thyroid doesn’t kill me, that is. But then, there’s no reason for it to. They caught the malfunction early, earlier than in even my mother and grandmother, so it may not get as bad as it did for them. Maybe God’s purpose in not giving Tim and me children earlier was so that my thyroid problem could be found and treated to its fullest extent.

Tonight’s my day off from running, plus it’s raining cats and dogs. Tomorrow, Tim promised to go with me, at least to walk. So, I’ll probably walk with him with the dogs and then go for my run, taking pride in the fact that an asthmatic with thyroid issues and a bad back is running two and half miles.

Posted by: Sarah | September 29, 2009

Daily Posting Problems

The problem with this blog is that I set a lot of restrictions on myself. And I had to. I don’t want to include work. I want to keep as much of my marriage private as possible. I don’t gossip about my friends and I like to avoid political diatribes. So… I’m left with writing about writing and writing about pop culture and my extended family.

And I don’t like writing about my extended family, either.

And I’m back to the writing about writing. I don’t mind that, but I’ll bet my only two readers would get tired of it. Quickly.

As far as writing goes, as y’all know, I’ve found a good idea for an urban fantasy. The vampires will stay evil, for now, at least. There will be no real love interest right away, at least not for the main character. It takes place in Houston. Because this is the city I know best. Heck, it may even be set in Clear Lake. I did grow up there, after all.

I do have some questions I want to ask my two loyal readers.

Do you enjoy urban fantasy? If so, who’s your favorite author and what’s your favorite book/series? What do you like about it? What makes a good urban fantasy world?

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